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Installation of the Data Source Manager

All TWAIN 2.x Applications must use TWAINDSM.DLL. For TWAIN 1.x Applications use TWAIN_32.DLL.

Applications that wish to use access the Data Source Manager, must install it themselves. Please refer to the TWAIN website to obtain this file and for installation instructions. This DSM is fully backwards compatible with all versions of TWAIN. The Application Installer may include a Data Source Manager merge module:

The TWAIN DSM is a shared library named TWAINDSM.DLL. There is a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of this file. TWAINDSM.DLL is installed in the Windows System directory (normally C:\Windows\System32). If installing the 32-bit file on a 64-bit system, it needs to end up in the WOW64 System directory (normally C:\Windows\SysWow64). By including the TWAIN DSM merge module in the application installer, the DSM is installed in the correct location.

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